Whale Watching on Colombia’s Unexplored Pacific Coast

Colombia’s Pacific Coast

While Colombia’s Caribbean Coast is well known, its Pacific Coast remains relatively undiscovered. It is best known as a place to go whale watching. However, the nearly deserted and undeveloped beaches make a great destination in and of itself. And of course, the whales are a spectacular sight. Learn all about Colombia’s Pacific here!

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Nuqui Whales, Pacific Coast

Colombia’s Pacific

While the beaches of Colombia’s Caribbean Coast like Cartagena, the Rosario Islands, and Santa Marta are well known and well traveled, Colombia’s Pacific Coast remains largely unspoiled. The rugged jungle of the Chocó province blankets the inland area, and there are few large population centers.

That makes it one of the more unique destinations in Colombia. You won’t find big beachfront high rise hotels here. Instead, you’ll find rustic eco-lodges and long stretches of beach with hardly a soul in sight. You can also see one of nature’s most impressive spectacles.

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When Can You See Whales in Colombia’s Pacific?

Every year, humpback whales migrate to the warm waters off Colombia’s Pacific for several months. Turns out whales like to vacation to the beach too! In reality, the whales migrate from the icy Antarctic waters they live the rest of the year in order to mate here. The following year they return to give birth.

That means not only can you see adult whales but with some luck, you may even see a newborn calf swimming with her mother!

The whales begin migrating in late June and begin leaving in late October. So it’s possible to see them from July to October. Their numbers peak and they are easiest to spot in August and September. However, even early or late in the season, you are almost guaranteed to still spot them. They just may not be as plentiful or active.

Nuqui Whales, Pacific Coast
Nuqui Whales, Pacific Coast

On your visit, you’ll head out in small speed boats with local guides who know where the whales like to hang out. While sometimes it takes some patience, you are sure to be rewarded seeing the whale’s surface. If you’re lucky, you may even see one breach, jumping into the air!

And, do watch out for dolphins too! They love to chase behind the boats and jump over the waves the motors create.

Nature lovers will also love going on Safari in Casanare and Guaviare, where you can see lots of animals in the wild and even swim with pink dolphins!

Whale Watching, Pacific Coast
Whale Watching, Pacific Coast

Enjoy the Beach

Near Nuquí, the best place for whale watching, you’ll find the sprawling Guachalito Beach. While there are a handful of small lodges and cabins along the beach, there is barely any development. Isolated and only reachable by boat from Nuquí, this beach will feel semi-deserted. However, that makes it perfect for relaxing and getting in touch with nature.

Beach in the Pacific of Colombia
Guachalito Beach

What Else to Do in the Pacific?

In addition to enjoying the beach, you can visit thermal pools in the jungle just a short walk from the beach. While here, you’ll also be able to enjoy some delicious fresh fish. With the area so isolated, practically everything is incredibly fresh and locally sourced.

It’s also a great place to get in touch with nature. Cell service and the internet is spotty at best here, so use it as a chance to disconnect and enjoy the nature that surrounds you. The jungle beach lodges here have very nice and comfortable accommodations, but you shouldn’t expect the Ritz-Carlton. It is, however, one of the most authentic and adventurous experiences you can have in all of Colombia.

Nuqui, Pacific Coast
Nuqui, Pacific Coast

Planning Your Trip to Colombia’s Pacific

Be sure to bring plenty of sunscreens, your beach gear, and some good insect repellant. Having a good rain jacket just in case is also a good idea, and you may want to bring along something to protect your phone or camera from water from splashes from the boat (or a breaching whale!). Finally, due to the isolated nature of the destination be sure to bring along any necessities you will need during your stay.

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