Top 5 Medellin Bars

The Very Best 5 Bars in Medellin, Colombia

Colombia is well known for its vibrant nightlife, and Medellín has among the best.  Whether you’re looking for a place to go out and get your groove on or just enjoy a few beers with the game, you’re sure to find it on this list of the best bars in Medellín.

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  1. Dulce Dios Mio

This Medellín nightclub and bar is meant to be kind of like if a traditional Colombian town was forever in carnival mode and always drunk.  Bartenders and dancers are dressed as clowns or townspeople, and you’ll even find interesting decorations all around, even in the bathroom.

It’s quite the experience, and is an especially fun place to go out and party in a group and get some entertainment between your own dancing.  They play a mix of music and there is bar food on offer as well.  Really though, it’s the memorable and unique experience you’ll get here that lands it first on this list of top bars in Medellín.

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  1. Trilogia Live Bar

This is one of the classiest of the best Medellín bars.  There is always a live band that will play a mix of covers from the ‘80s and ‘90s pop and rock from Colombia and abroad.  The rotating stage in the center also gives it a unique touch, and it’s undoubtedly the best Medellín bar for live music.

You’ll find a mix of locals and visitors here as well as a mix of ages, although it tends to be more popular with a more adult crowd.  Given its popularity, you will want to make sure you make reservations beforehand.

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  1. Dancefree

So, one of the tough things about coming to Colombia and going out partying if you’re a foreigner is that most Colombians are great dancers and are probably capable of putting you to shame on the dance floor.  However, if you are not quite as good, this next place on this list of best bars in Medellín is worth checking out.

Dancefree offers group and individual dance lessons during the day.  Then in the evening, it turns into one of the city’s most popular dance clubs.  That way you can learn a few steps during the day and show them off later that evening.

  1. Calle 9+1

For those looking a little less for Latin music like salsa and bachata or the 80s and 90s rock hits you’ll hear at Trilogia, consider heading over to Calle 9+1 for house and electronic music.  There are often guest DJs, and there is usually a long line outside the door for this popular Medellín bar.

Located near Parque Lleras, Calle 9+1 is also known for its relaxed dress code and hipster vibe.  It’s a great place to go out in Medellín for something a bit different.

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  1. Vertigo

Most places on this list of best Medellín bars have been places to go out and dance.  However, for those just looking to go out and enjoy a few drinks and possibly munch on some bar food, Vertigo may be the best bar in Medellín for you.

They have imported and craft beer as well as some of the best wings in Medellín.  There is also often live music and specials on drinks and food.  For those looking for a bit more sit-down and chill atmosphere, it makes a great choice.

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