The 5 very Best 5 Star Hotels in Barichara, Colombia

Barichara is known as Colombia’s prettiest small town.  Its picturesque white adobe houses and cobblestone roads are quaint and gorgeous.  If you want to see this charming town for yourself, read on to learn about the best 5-star accommodations in Barichara, Colombia.

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  1. Casa Barichara Boutique
Source: Casa Barichara Boutique

The first option on this list of luxury accommodations in Barichara is located right in the heart of town, and high up the hill so you can get pretty views of the rest of town below.  Casa Barichara Boutique feels more like a holiday home than a hotel, and in fact, you can even rent out the whole house if you’re coming with your family.  There is a pretty little pool on site, and the rooms are gorgeous and very well furnished.

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  1. Hotel Finca Buenosaires Barichara
Source: Hotel Finca Buenosaires

The second option on this list of 5-star quality accommodations in Barichara is outside of town a bit.  The Hotel Buenosaires is located on a pretty property about 15 minutes outside of Barichara.  There is a large pool on-site and the rooms in this country house are very pretty, with gorgeous wooden furniture.  There is also a new glamping dome on site.  For those looking to relax in peace and quiet, this is a great option for luxury Barichara accommodations.

Source: Hotel Finca Buenosaires

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  1. Hotel Mansión Barichara
Source: Hotel Mansión Barichara

Like Buenosaires, Hotel Mansión Barichara is located a bit outside of town in a large country estate.  The surrounding scenery is equally pretty.  Rooms are very well furnished with large, comfortable beds.  You can also cool off in the pool here after a day taking in the sites in and around town.

Source: Hotel Mansión Barichara

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  1. Hotel Boutique Venturí
Source: Hotel Boutique Venturi

Just a few kilometers outside of town, the Hotel Boutique Venturí is next on this list of Barichara 5-star quality accommodations.  The rooms here are cozy but luxurious with a blend of modern sensibility and antique, rustic style decor, some even with old-school bathtubs.  There is a gorgeous pool on-site, and you can also enjoy the bar and restaurant while taking in views of the surrounding hills.

Source: Hotel Boutique Venturi

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  1. Serrenia del Viento
Source: Serrenia del Viento

If you’re looking for a truly rustic experience, consider Serrenia del Viento for your luxury accommodations in Barichara.  There is a pool on-site here as well as a nice common area to hang out and relax in hammocks while taking in the views.  For accommodations, there are several small cottages and even a larger glamping dome.  All are wonderfully furnished with comfortable beds and furniture.

Source: Serrenia del Viento

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