Keeping Your Kids Entertained in Cartagena

How to Keep Your Kids Entertained in Cartagena…

Mother and sleeping baby in Cartagena“I’m in one of the most beautiful destinations there is to see in the Caribbean with my family and kids, and I don’t know what to do to keep the little ones entertained.”

Yeah, right!

That is a phrase you will never say while visiting Cartagena! It is actually very easy for kids to have fun in this lovely Colombian destination and here you’ll get useful things to make an amazing memory out of your family visit.

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If you want to keep it simple and fun? The answer is literally in front of you!
father helping his small daughter in the ocean
Source: Campfires and Sandcastles

I remember visiting Cartagena with my parents at the age of 8, and all I wanted to do was hang at the beach. It’s pretty obvious when you realize that having tons of sand and thousands of gallons of water is a rare and very appealing experience for a regular kid who grew up in a city.  So, if you want your kids to have some simple fun at a place like Cartagena, just walk a few meters away from your room and just go to the beach!

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Cartagena and its surroundings have beautiful beaches like the ones you can find in Bocagrande, the Rosario Islands and Barú, just to mention the most popular ones. Kids can have a lot of fun playing volleyball, frisbee, soccer, riding banana boats & a jet-ski, or just swimming in the ocean. These simple but extremely amusing activities can keep your kids happy for days.

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Want something more elaborate for your kids? Here are a few cool places for you to visit.

Ok, so you want your kids to actually learn something instead of just hanging at the beach all day. It is comprehensible and Cartagena has a wide range of offers for them to have fun while getting an educational experience from their trip, and here you have some of the most advisable options:

Enjoy the magic of birds in the National Aviary of Colombia
Cartagena national Aviary
The National Aviary of Colombia, Baru Cartagena.

As you may have heard before, Colombia has a great variety of bird species (almost 20% of the world’s total bird species, including 79 endemics, 200 migratory species, and 155 threatened birds.) Just a short distance from Cartagena you can find the National Aviary of Colombia (the largest aviary in the Americas), which exhibits and is dedicated to the conservation of this natural heritage. It’s pretty nice to see thousands of native birds in their habitat and interact with them as you learn something valuable about their origin and their value for our planet.

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Swim with dolphins at Corales del Rosario Park – Oceanarium

Now, if this beautiful attraction located in the Rosario Islands (just a few minutes away from Cartagena) had been established when I was a kid, I would have surely enjoyed it a lot. Because it is a relatively new Oceanarium where you can interact directly with animal species like dolphins, corals, and all sorts of fish while taking an educational and fun tour through this paradisiac site.

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Beach, Rosario Islands
Beach, Rosario Islands
Walkthrough the Walled City

The Walled City built by the Spanish conquerors is the most ancient and most famous part of Cartagena, and when you and your kids walk through its cobbled streets, you will surely find the frame for amazing memories and lovely family pictures.

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While at the Walled City, you certainly don’t want to miss a guided visit to San Felipe Castle, a very impressive medieval fortress built to protect Cartagena from the constant attacks and attempts of invasion by hordes of pirates.

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cartagena san felipe fort with tourist families

There are many more fun activities to be experienced during your visit toThe Crown of the Caribbeansuch as a Mud Volcano Bath and a tour through the Mangroves in a canoe. These and so many others are just waiting for you to discover. Give yourself the chance to walk through its famous streets, where you and your kids will definitely receive some wonderful memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Have fun!

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