Colombia’s Coffee Zone – A Place to Build Amazing Family Memories

Colombia’s Coffee Zone is an Amazing Place to take your kids and build some Amazing Family Memories

Colombia is the Coffee Country, right? Then how is it possible that it has a “Coffee Zone”?

Yes, I know. As paradoxical as it may sound, Colombia’s export-quality coffee is produced all over its national territory, but there’s an area between the departments of Quindío, Caldas, and Risaralda known as the Coffee Zone. It’s recognized worldwide for having structured all it’s culture and lifestyle around the production of the best coffee ever tasted. This is where you can enjoy not only wonderful coffee but a lot of fun activities around its culture.

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If you’re traveling with the whole family and want to fully embrace the Coffee Zone Experience, it is advisable to take a tour with around 5 days, such as this package of 5 days of Coffee Culture Experience  (customizable –  tours/accommodation can be modified, added, or changed). There is so much to see amongst a wide variety of touristic attractions that combine both appreciations of the natural beauty within the mountain-landscape and the cultural tourism options where you can learn everything about coffee.

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Calle Real, Salento
Calle Real, Salento
Combination and Balance is the key.

As for the little ones, let’s say that pretty much all the activities you can do at Coffee Zone are kids-appropriate but, like any other place, there are attractions that may be more appealing for them, and others where -quite frankly- they could get a little bored because they are more about appreciating the landscapes (both natural and architectural) which is something kids tend to not be big fans of.

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Santa Rosa Thermal Pools
Santa Rosa Thermal Pools

So, the first thing to consider when visiting The Coffee Zone with the littles is to include 1 or more of the next attractions on your tour, so your kids can enjoy everything it has to offer for them.

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PANACA (National Park of the Agrarian Culture)      

A very impressive natural theme park where the whole family can have fun as you get an insightful view of Colombian traditional country activities. Your kids will surely enjoy the tours where they get to see animals and interact with them safely, as well as the very popular shows performed by trained horses and their acrobatic horsemen.

PANACA Horse Carousel
PANACA Horse Carousel
Parque Nacional del Café

Another amazing theme park where you can enjoy the combination between coffee-based lifestyle, its history, and traditions, with the beauty of mountains-landscapes and mechanic attractions like rollercoasters, aerial, and slides. So, if your kids don’t want to walk across the mountains or visit a coffee history exposition, you might as well leave them playing in the kids-adapted zone of this park. Isn’t that cool?

Parques del Cafe Cable Car
Parques del Cafe Cable Car

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La Aurora (Coffee Culture Tour)

While taking this full-immersion tour you may have both an educational and an amusing experience, where you and your family can play the role of a peasant’s family, like the many ones that live in Coffee Zone, and make a living out of the coffee cropping and manufacturing. Kids usually have a lot of fun picking coffee seeds out of the very crops where the best coffee in the world is grown, and then taking it through every step of its industrial process.

Coffee Tour
Roasting Coffee Beans in the La Aurora Coffee Tour

So, as you can see, The Coffee Zone has all the merits to be considered a “must” when embracing the whole Colombia experience and it is surely a place where a lot of amazing family memories are created by the millions of visitors it receives every year all year-round.

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