Two Unique Bogotá Events for the Whole Family

Traveling with your family in Bogotá

Bogota, La CandelariaAll year-round, Bogota, the amazing capital and largest city in Colombia, offers an impressive variety of fun activities for those who want to have a family adventure in a cosmopolitan yet magical place. 

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Like any other large city, Bogota offers activities that fit almost all kinds of touristic interests and, of course, a great number of possibilities for the youngest members of the family to enjoy their trip.

Teleferico, Monserrate
Teleferico, Monserrate

So, for example, if you book a trip to Bogota and its surroundings as part of your Colombia experience, you should know that the capital awaits you with so many surprising places to see, that you’ll feel you discovered a city that is unlike any other capital in the world. With a unique component that makes it really attractive to the point that thousands of foreigners who come to this city as tourists, fall in love with it so badly they decided to move here permanently.

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Catedral Bogotá
Catedral Primada, Bogotá

When you come to Bogota, you should definitely take your kids to Monserrate and La Candelaria, and you should also enjoy the many malls, cinemas, theme parks, and museums located at every cardinal point from the city and its surroundings. You might also enjoy taking them to see the vibrant spectacle at the tribunes of El Campín Stadium when “Millonarios” and “Santa Fe” (the two most popular soccer teams in Bogota) face each other at one more edition of their traditional derby match.

These options (and many more – there’s a lot to see in this city) are really nice but, in my opinion, they can be found in almost any other major city throughout the world with slight variations.

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Bogotá theme park, Salitre Mágico
So, what makes Bogota really unique? What is the thing that makes it so memorable for most of the millions of tourists it welcomes every year?

The answer is very simple: Bogota is always remembered for its culture, and the way its inhabitants honor their traditions, and the cultural mixture that enrichens the city’s environment with traditional events that are eagerly awaited by locals and visitors every year. Amongst the many cultural events held every year in Bogota, I must highlight two of them, not only because they are the most popular ones but because, in my opinion, they are the ones that add more value for children visiting this town.

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Two Great Cultural Events that make Bogota unique for the kids:
#1. Summer Festival

Usually held between the months of July and August, Bogota’s Summer Festival is a compilation of fun cultural activities in every city park, but with “Simón Bolívar” Central Park as the epicenter of all the action.

Summer Festival Parade, source: Colombia Reports

During the 20-25 days of the Festival, your kids may enjoy free day-concerts, art exhibits and pop-art live performances, sporting events, and workshops where they can learn to play a new sport or painting, dancing, and acting. Don’t forget to take them to one of the many parks and spots where people gather to fly kites and, even, participate in the traditional kites’ competitions.

Summer Festival, source: telesurtv
#2. Iberoamerican Theater Festival

This is considered the largest and most prestigious Theater Festival in the whole world and it is, by far, Colombia’s greatest cultural event. Plus, it has led Bogota to obtain the title of “World’s Theater Capital”.

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The Festival is held every two years and it receives theater companies from all around the world, so you get to choose amongst, pretty much, the best of the best in every theater category, from classical to contemporary and experimental.

source: Going To Colombia

In every edition, kid’s theater companies are invited as well, and trust me, it is an amazing experience for your littles to get introduced this way into the magnificent world of theater.

source: Rosario University

Keep in mind that nearly 80 percent of the Festivals’ activities (both summer and theater) are free for everyone… This means that Bogota makes a tremendous effort to spread its cultural values and have people who identify the city as a cultural referent from Colombia and South America.

So, what are you waiting for? Bogota awaits you with an open heart!

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