Colombia With Your Kids… Always a good idea!

Traveling through Colombia with your kids.

If you’re planning to visit Colombia for your next family vacation, let me say to you that your heart is guiding you to an experience that will give you and your beloved ones wonderful memories that you’ll cherish for your lifetime!

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Family at the beach

So… Follow your heart! You won’t regret it! Here you will receive some useful tips on how to prepare for your amazing Colombian Experience. Know that you’re in for an unforgettable experience, so… Are you ready?

Safety is not really an issue… just be smart and practical!

Colombia is much safer now than it was ten or twenty years ago, no doubt about it. But I won’t lie to you: there are still some safety problems in our country. And it’s comprehensible that you have some safety-related concerns, especially when traveling with the little ones. Check out our safety advice here!

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But I assure you that, when planning your trip to Colombia, you will receive our expert help. And while traveling here you will be provided recommendations from both us, and our tour guides. Ensuring you will be safe and ready to fully enjoy your visit: just be smart and practical… go where we tell you it’s safe to go and you’ll be safe too!

Having said that, let’s recap some of the most appealing family and kids-appropriate activities you can do in each one of the major Colombian destinations:

PANACA Horse Carousel
Source: PANACA
It’s all about coffee!
Willys, Salento
Willys, Salento

Colombia’s Coffee Zone is a very fun destination for your kids, as it offers a wide range of fun experiences.

How about taking them for a Tour of the La Aurora Coffee Finca, where they can pretend that yours is a peasant family working in coffee crops? Or having them discover the wonders of Colombian traditional country-lifestyle by taking them to the National Park of Agrarian Culture, Panaca?

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Cartagena national Aviary
The National Aviary of Colombia, Baru Cartagena.
Fun for everyone at the Caribbean Crown, Cartagena!

cartagena san felipe fort with tourist familiesThe Caribbean Crown, Cartagena is waiting for you and your family with an open heart and a lot of fun for your kids… In this magical city, they not only will get to play like crazy at the beach, but they can also swim with Dolphins at Corales del Rosario Park or see how a real medieval fortress looks like inside when you guys visit San Felipe Castle as a part of your walk-through Cartagena’s Walled City. This amazing Colombian city has so many things to offer, that you will definitely want to come back, for another taste of its magic.

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Lake Guatape, Medellín Colombia
Adventure and Learning altogether in Magnificent Medellín
Source: Parque Explora

Worldwide known for its really pleasant climate and the warmth their inhabitants radiate when serving visitors, the amazing Medellín will provide a wonderfully warm family memory of the remarkable places you visit.

For example, your kids will really enjoy a visit to Explora Park, an amazing mixture between a theme-park and a planetarium, where they will get to interact with state-of-the-art scientific facilities and advanced technology, while they have fun riding at the attractions.

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Bogotá theme park, Salitre Mágico
If you want Cosmopolitan Cultural Fun, the capital is your place to go.
source: Rosario University

Bogota, the capital of Colombia, has been referred to in a large number of travel guides, as a unique destination that combines the magic of traditional culture and the benefits of a developed metropolis.

Apart from many classic destinations in Bogota, like Monserrate and the Gold Museum, this city offers you and your family the possibility of enjoying very traditional cultural events, like the Summer Festival and the prestigious Iberoamerican Theater Festival, where your kids have an amazing opportunity to be introduced into the amazing world of theater.

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Summer Festival, source: telesurtv

As you can see, Colombia has something for everyone who wants to come and enjoy it, with attractions that highlight both its natural beauty and the richness of its culture.

Colombia is waiting for you!

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