The 12 Best Places to Visit and Tours to Enjoy in Colombia’s Coffee Region

The Colombian Coffee Zone is filled with amazing landscapes, friendly people, fantastic activities, and some of the best experiences you’ll ever have in your life! Below is our list of the top 12 activities, experiences, and places to visit, in the Coffee Zone of Colombia!

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Willys, Salento
Willys, Salento

#1. Salento

Visit or preferably stay a night or 2 in the colonial town of Salento. The colorful colonial architecture, artisan shops, great restaurants, cafes, hotels, and its proximity to the Cocora Valley makes this place a must-visit. Salento is a great place to base yourself for a few days, as it’s very easy to enjoy a number of tours in the coffee region from Salento. Popular experiences and excursions from Salento are to the Wax Palm Forest, Hiking Acaime, Horse riding, and Coffee Tours.

  • If visiting during the weekend, go early in the day before the crowds.
  • If staying overnight during the weekend choose a hotel away from the center, as during the weekend people are out partying loudly into the early hours.

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Wax Palms, Cocora Valley
Wax Palm Forrest, Cocora Valley

#2. The Cocora Valley

Enjoy a short or long hike through the Cocora Valley and the Wax Palm Forest. This valley is spectacular by itself, but when combined with the forest filled with the tallest wax palms in the world, it becomes an almost spiritual experience. You can spend just an hour or 2 here walking through the Wax Palm Forest, or you can do a 5–6-hour hike of the Acaime mountain range, including a hummingbird sanctuary. There’s also birdwatching, glamping, horse riding, and several good restaurants to enjoy in this area.

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Coffee Tour
Roasting Beans in an authentic Coffee Tour

#3. Coffee Tour

You can’t really visit the coffee zone of Colombia without doing a coffee tour! There are a couple of very popular coffee tours to do that are close to Salento and Armenia. But really there are many scattered around the coffee zone that are smaller coffee tours on boutique fincas. (We prefer the smaller fincas, as it’s more personal, and we feel more authentic).

José Fernando Restaurant

#4. Filandia

Visit one of the most colorful towns in Colombia; Filandia. Famous for its gastronomy, wonderful Colombian Culture architecture, and fabulous views. Walk around the town taking fantastic photos, enjoy a coffee or lunch at one of the many fine restaurants, and don’t miss the mirador (viewing platform) with spectacular 360′ views. You can also go on a tour in search of Howler Monkeys in a reserve only 15 min away from Filandia.

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WaterFall and Hot Springs, San Rosa de Cabal
WaterFall and Hot Springs, San Rosa de Cabal

#5. Santa Rosa Thermal Pools

Los Termales de Santa Rosa (The Thermal Pools of Santa Rosa) is truly one of the most picturesque locations you can visit while in Colombia. Set in a valley surrounded by tropical rainforest the hot springs are fantastico. But even more impressive is the amazing waterfall that looks straight out of a movie set.

Willys Jeep traveling through the Entrance of Viterbo

#6. Viterbo

Stay a night or 2, and check out the authentic coffee country town along with the beautiful surrounding landscape. Centrally located within 40min of the wonderful small towns of Belalcázar, Apía, and Belén de Umbría (visiting all 3 is perfect for a day trip from Viterbo). Viterbo is off the beaten path and not on the radar for international tourism. Not yet anyway!

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Cacao Tour, Viterbo

#7. Cacao tour

There are a few good Cacao tours in the Colombian Coffee Zone, where you’ll get to enjoy a walk through the Finca and learn the entire process. Along with a sample or 2 of the finished products. Fun, informative, and delicious tour!

Panela Tour Viterbo

#8. Panela Tour

Colombia is the 2nd largest producer of Panela and the Trapiches (Panela factories) are small, authentic, and artisanal. The production here runs all year long and begins in the fields with the backbreaking work of cutting the sugarcane by hand with a machete. The sugarcane is then transported to the Trapiche on the back of a mula (a cross between a donkey and a horse) where it is pressed to allow the green sugarcane juice within to escape. Then starts a process of boiling, stirring, mixing, and scooping the boiling liquid from the pan to pan. Continuing until the syrup has processed enough to be removed to a tray where it begins to cool and thicken. At this time, it is twisted and turned until it begins to take a new fudge-like form. A very cool tour, and genuinely unique!

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Botanical Garden of Quindio

#9. Botanical Garden of Quindio

The Jardin Bonatico del Quindio is 11 hectares (27 acres) of natural Andean Forest and one of the largest Mariposarios (Butterfly Garden) in the country, featuring a collection of over 1000 butterflies, and 30 different species all native to this region.

Paragliding, Viterbo

#10. Paragliding

Can there really be a better way to see the amazing landscape of the Colombian Coffee Zone?

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Monkey, Otun Quimbaya
Howler Monkey, Otun Quimbaya

#11. Quimbaya Fauna and Flora Sanctuary

Enjoy walking through the natural setting of this untouched sanctuary. Home to over 330 species of birds, a family of howler monkeys, speckled beers, pumas, tapirs, and over 250 species of flora. If you’re interested in nature and/or bird watching, this is a must-visit and/or stay the night to really immerse yourself in the natural surroundings.

San Felix Wax Palm Forest

#12. Salamina and San Felix

Stay a night or 2 in Salamina and visit the amazing and beautiful Wax Palm Forest of San Felix! These small towns and this forest (larger than the wax Palm Forest of the Cocora Valley) are off the beaten path and not big on most tourists’ radar. Not yet anyway!

  • Salamina + San Felix Wax Palm Forest

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